Does your Italian ice contain milk?

Our Italian ice does not contain milk or any milk product.

We do make other frozen desserts containing milk 1-2 times per month on the same equipment used for our Italian ice.  We follow Current Good Manufacturing Practices as defined by the FDA. A full sanitation process is completed every day.

Will your Italian Ice give me a nice, full, Italian-style mustache?

No. But it may inspire a few Italian phrases like “Ayyy! It’sa so delicioso.”

Are your products gluten free?

All of Lindy’s Homemade products are gluten free based on certifications from our suppliers for each ingredient, including the flavorings.

Do Lindy’s Homemade products contain any major allergens?

Yes. Our Italian ices contain soy. The Italian ices do NOT contain any of the other major allergens requiring declaration (milk, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, or wheat).

I can’t find a certain flavor. How can I get it in my store?

Most grocery stores don’t have the shelf space to stock every flavor we make.  The flavors they carry at your local store are determined by their corporate management. Please ask the store manager about their procedure to request an item or special order.

If I love Lindy's so much. Can I marry it?

Umm. We’re not sure of all of the state laws, but the short answer is no. Lindy’s is already in a strong relationship with flavor. Don’t be a home wrecker.

How long does your product last?

We print a “best by” date on our boxes. You can use that date as a guideline.

If I eat a whole box, will I get brain freeze?

Our research is inconclusive. I guess another box will have to be eaten to figure it out.

Why does your box say the cups are 6 oz, but they weigh less than that?

With our individual cups, the volume measurement is a 6 fluid ounce cup. That means the cup will hold 6 oz of water. Other liquids, as well as our Italian ice, have a different weight than water and should take up the volume or space of a 6 fluid oz cup.