Viva Italian Ice!!!

This small batch Italian Ice was made to have the same flavor and texture you’d get from a Granita street cart in Italy – where a jovial man would exclaim:

La vita è più dolce con il dessert
(Life is sweeter with dessert).



Voted the official flavor of summer by everyone on the planet (that may, or may not, be true).

Either way, you can enjoy all of the taste of summer with none of the seed spittin’.


The history of lemons:
The first large cultivation of lemons began in Genoa in the 15th century. Blah blah blah. Now we have Lemon Italian Ice! Class dimissed!

Black Cherry

Black cherries are a bit more distinguished. There‘s a reason tuxedos and limos are black. These cherries are on the way to a fancy event where they’ll receive a standing ovation.


In India, a gift-basket of mangos is considered a gesture of friendship. We wonder what a gift-basket of Mango Italian Ice would say? Besties forever, is our guess.

Blue Raspberry

Lindy’s Blue Raspberry Italian Ice is 100% guaranteed to turn your tongue blue. It’s also 100% guaranteed to have the exact opposite effect on your mood.


Strawberry picking can be fun. But, picking Lindy’s Strawberry Italian Ice is guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face – especially since you don’t have to spend the day in a field when it’s 97°.


It’s no secret that oranges need a lot of sunshine to grow. But, what’s best about Lindy’s Orange Italian Ice is – you can eat it whether it’s sunny or cloudy. Either way, it’s an ice day.


Whoever said “life is a just a bowl of cherries” had obviously never had our Cherry Italian Ice. If they had, the saying would be much better. Because with Lindy’s, life is just a cup of Cherry Italian Ice.

Root Beer

Everyone has a root beer memory from when they were a kid. Lindy’s Root Beer Italian Ice is a surefire way to have a root beer memory from every time you finish a cup.

Raspberry Lemon

Lemon Italian Ice has a high level of mmm. Raspberry Italian Ice also has a high level of mmm. So naturally, when you put them together  – you get a whole lot of mmm mmm!


The quickest way to get to a tropical island is to grab a cup of Lindy’s Pineapple Italian Ice, put some hula music on, close your eyes, and think sunny thoughts. Aaa-looooo-ha!

Strawberry Lemon

Strawberry alone is a whole lot of YAY. And, by itself, lemon is a full cup of WOOHOO. But when we put them together – life instantly becomes a picnic! YAYHOO!

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